Christopher Tang was born on January 12, 2000, in Florida. His parents emigrated from Asia in the 80’s. Christopher, as a child, joined many activities such as taekwondo and soccer. He has since discovered his lack of talent in both. Yet, it is by experiencing these various pastimes that he has been motivated to discover his passion in life.

In Europe, Christopher was introduced to photography. His dad allowed him to borrow a DSLR camera, which he used to record the adventures of his family at the Parthenon, the Tower of Pisa, Swiss Alps, etc. Over the years, Christopher still pursues photography as it enables him to immortalize countless precious moments in his quirky journey of life.

Christopher, wishing to develop his skills, joined Photography in his junior year to learn about aperture, shutter speed, available light, and Photoshop. In his senior year, he has joined the Yearbook Committee to continue practicing photography as a tool for appreciating life.