Europe (June 10-26, 2013)

My family and I visited famous cities in Italy, Greece, and Switzerland: Athens, Pisa, and more! This trip offered us the chance to discover the ancient sites of Greece, Roman arches in Italy, and the ICE high-speed trains in Switzerland. I also developed a newfound antipathy for sparkling water.

This was the first opportunity I got to take my own photos with the DSLR camera my dad entrusted me with. My memory was always dreadful, so being given the camera was a godsend, making it possible for me to immortalize the events of my life. Since I literally just got the DSLR camera, most of my early photos of Europe were quite ghastly. I was so used to camera phones that I was astonished to find so many minuscule¬†buttons on the camera. But it was my curiosity¬†to find out what each button did that kept me taking pictures throughout the journey in Europe. And I’m still learning today what those buttons do.

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